April 2014 Pacific Islands Solar is pleased to introduce Fire and Ice, a new solar hot water systems and performance enhancement for air conditioning (A/C) cooling equipment. Fire and Ice utilizes proven technology of heat transfer systems of both solar thermal technology and heat recovery unit technology (HRU). About Fire […]

Hot water keeps things cool

February 2014 Pacific Islands Solar believes that the whole energy needs of a customer should be explored to determine the best way to provide an energy saving solution. For example, does the old refrigerator need to be replaced first, since it is an energy hog, or has LED lighting been […]

Exploring Your Energy Options

January 2014 Pacific Islands Solar has found that with time, consumers become more knowledgeable about solar energy. A neighbor’s home can been seen as a system is being installed, a contractor’s performance can be judged, and problems after the installation become known. The following information is presented to help you, […]

Solar tips just for you

“Get the most from PV panels, installations” October 2013 Recently, articles have been publishing detailing the performance factors that cause PV modules to underperform, including a New York Times article, “solar Industry Anxious over Defective panels.” These articles discuss the growing concern over the quality of PV modules and the […]

Get the most from PV panels installations

“Kyocera Shines On”- September 2013 Pacific Islands Solar has found that there are many things one should know prior to choosing a photo-voltaic system. Knowledge about the company’s product, its  reliability and its history can tell you a lot about what to expect. the following information about Kyocera solar company […]

Kyocera Shines On

“The straight answer to solar energy questions”- August 2013 Pacific Islands Solar believes that there are questions the consumer needs to be aware of in order to make an informed decision when considering solar energy. Today, many companies offer various incentives to get consumers to call them, leading homeowners to […]

The stright answers to solar energy questions

“Are your solar panels up to par?”- July 2013 Recently, an article was published in the New York times titled “Solar industry Anxious over Defective Panels.” according to the article, there is a growing concern over the quality of materials and workmanship used in manufacturing photovoltaic panels. The issues regarding […]

Are your solar panels up to par?

“Be an informed buyer when switching to solar” May 2013 In addition to being a solar company, Pacific Islands Construction is a general and roofing contractor, which makes it better able to install and maintain your solar system. Pacific Islands Solar is a division of the company that takes the […]

Be an informed buyer when switching to solar

” New tests reveal issues in quality ” March 2013 Consumers generally do not understand the issues that arise with photovoltaic (PV) modules and their construction. As a result, there has been a flood of modules that have come on the market claiming to be just as good as, or […]

New tests reveal issues in quality

Solar Industry Anxious Over Defective Panels (Posted in: New York Times) Coatings that protect the panels disintegrated while other defects caused two fires that took the system offline for two years, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenues. It was not an isolated incident. Worldwide, testing labs, developers, […]

Solar Industry Anxious Over Defective Panels