Efficiency, Flexibility, and Savings with Zefr and the Wind Array Turbine System

Groundbreaking wind technology enables flexible building integration

At Pacific Islands Construction, we work tirelessly to bring you products and services at the cutting edge of energy-efficiency and sustainability. In that pursuit, we are proud to present the Zefr, a small wind turbine that operates as part of the modular and scalable Wind Array Turbine System (WATS) developed by JLM Energy, Inc. of Rocklin, California. Zefr turbines make up WATS to collectively harness the power of the wind, routing the power of 20 turbines into a single smart inverter, to reduce your carbon footprint and lower you energy costs.

Small Wind turbine array challenges
Due to the variability in wind gusts, it has been very difficult to harness energy from multiple interconnected wind turbines. Turbines that would be spinning faster than others would send power down the line of their adjacent counter parts and further slow or completely disrupt those generators. This posed a challenge in the scalability and distribution of small wind turbine systems, until now.

Don’t let its small size fool you (Technology)
Coming in at a 36” rotor diameter, the Zefr packs an arsenal of cutting-edge technology. JLM Energy’s Zefr turbine overcomes the technological obstacles by developing a new wind turbine that houses revolutionary power electronics. The power created from every Zefr turbine in the Wind Array Turbine System flows through the same tethered cable harness without disrupting the power generation of neighboring turbines. The power of 20 Zefr turbines is then converted into common AC electricity by the 3.6kW smart inverter that seamlessly and optimally generates the maximum amount of power.

Designed with savings and scalability in mind (Development Process)
During the development process, the engineers at JLM Energy worked tirelessly to find the most effective and intuitive solution to bring you affordability, modularity, and efficiency. The engineers executed dozens of computer models, prototyped countless rotor blade designs, built various turbine configurations, and performed many professional-grade field tests to ensure that the Zefr would offer flexibility and efficiency with no compromise. In addition, JLM engineers keep a close eye on the quality of their products by keeping manufacturing in the USA.

Bringing you efficiency and flexibility (Benefits)
Traditionally, a single turbine was a big investment with no opportunity for scalability. These small turbines were also commonly mounted on tall poles or structures which would require guy-wires and therefore a large areal footprint.

The inherent small size of the Zefr and easy mounting features make it flexible to put multiple units on a roof-line, parapet, or other structural surfaces that enable a seamless blend into the architectural landscape of your building. In addition, it is easy to scale up your energy production at any point later down the life of the array system simply by adding more turbines.

Whether you’re a small or large business, owner of a residential complex, or simply a homeowner interested in lowering your carbon footprint and your monthly utility bill, the Wind Array Turbine System offers the modularity to easily customize the installation.

The Wind Array Turbine System also comes with JLMs energy monitoring software so that you can track each Zefrs energy production in real-time. That way, you can see your investment saving you money and also determine that your system is running optimally.

Making Zefr your newest addition (Installation)
When you order Zefr turbines, we’ll perform the quick and simple installation necessary to help you start saving. The small size of the Zefr enables it to be easily installed and tethered to more units in order to quickly deploy your energy saving solution.

Order Zefr today (How to Order)
Call us today at (808) 841-7756 or visit us at www.pacificislandsconstruction.net to learn more about Zefr and what it can offer you. With Zefr, it’s easy to multiply your energy!